Deans' Message
Okky Putra Barus, S.Kom, MM
Dean Faculty of Computer Science UPH Medan
About 65 million year ago, two asteroids hit the earth. The impact was suidely known the extinction of which is dinosaurs and a host of other mammalian creatures. Apparently the asteroid phenomenon did not only happen once. According to Peter H Damianis and Stevel Kotler in his book BOLD; How to go big, create wealth and impact the world (2014), the phenomenon will happen again. Only the form of asteroid this time not in the rock forms but technology.
Among these digital technologies. The phenomenon is easily seen in front of all of us. You would often hear the word “change” or “extinct”. That means, the situation has forced us to change. Otherwise, we would be eliminated.       Examples are scattered everywhere. Abroad, you must have heard the name Kodak, Nokia, PALM, Borders, RIM, Compaq, or circuit city. The names are now thrown out of the competitive arena of business.
These courses talk about change, which explain what has happened in the business landscape in Indonesia for the past recent years, what has been done by the business does and what to do to penetrate and solve the problems of this era.
In this new era, Indonesia surrounded by digital generation and the millions of youth who changed the face of the world. It can be seen from the arrival of new payment instruments that are not all controlled by banks, such as square. Paypal. Google wallet and so on. Perhaps we should contemplate the statement from Bill Gates “banking is necessary, banks are not”.
A competitive world offers two possibilities. You can lose. Or, if you want to win, you must go through changes (Lester C. Thurrow)
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