IT Concentration Modules
Department of Informatics covers 3 prospective.

The three concentrations are as follows:


Inteligent & Interactive Applications (Game Programming)

Learning how to make games is fun and pleasing. The aim of this concentration is to empower students with good game programming logic and skills, and to equip them with adequate capabilities of game design. Through this concentration, students will learn to combile 3 main competencies in software engineering, computational intelligence, and user interface design.


Software Engineering

In this concentration, students will learn advanced techniques of software engineering that enable them to participate in shaping the solutions to computing and information processing problems. They acquire knowledge of advancement of software engineering: distinctive programming languages, dealing with big data, working with distributed system and cloud technology, creating leading edge of web apps, aware the advance aspect of software engineering as well as the frontier technology such as Internet of Things, and more.


Cyber Security

Provide students with skills to apply design and development principles in the networking, latest cyber security trends, developments and industries.


Besides the specific concentration courses, there are general courses that every IT student would be required to take. We also offer life-skill courses to ensure that our students will be thoroughly equipped and ready to grow and improve in every aspect necessary in order to become a well-rounded individual.

Some of these courses are as displayed below.
 General Courses
 Algorithm Application Development  Human Computer Interaction
 Computer Networks & Security Web Design & Programming  E-Business Analysis & Design
 Cyber Ethics & Cyber Law Information Systems Management  Liberal Arts