Beplanation 2017
Albert Sugiart (IS2016) was placed 3rd Beplanation 2017

Erudite Project 2017
James Riady (IS2015) was placed 3rd Winner BNI Hackfest 2017

Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital 2017
Kenichie & Team (IS Students intake 2016). 1st Winner Hacksprint 1000 Startup Digital Medan.

Erudite Project 2017
Sutandi & Mario Yaputra was placed 2nd Erudite Project "Web Design Competition" 2017.

IT Toba Fest 2017
Albert was placed 3rd IT Toba Fest 2017.

Malaysia Open Dance Championship 2016
Wilbert Lauren was placed 2nd runner up Malaysia Open Dance Championship 2016.

Duta BNPT Nasional
University of Pelita Harapan Medan' Students from the Faculty of Computer Science: Information Systems Program, was elected to the "Duta BNPT nasional". An event organized by BNPT. The purpose of this event is to support the young generation to be able to create ideas and concepts through creativity, and Courage to express a change towards a better future of Indonesia.

Dosen Prodi Sistem Informasi UPH Medan menjadi Juri Hackathon Telkom